What You Need To Eat

heart graphicVarious studies have shown that most people don’t consider their blood when coming up with a diet. Most people are usually more concerned with their heart health and digestion but very few think about their blood.

Ironically though, blood is very important in the human body and can affect all aspect of your health in way that you would even imagine.

For instance do you know that steady blood flow is needed for healthy blood circulation, digestion, maintaining healthy body as well as in removing toxic waste out the body?

Blood flow

Blood flow is enhanced through all form of movements as well as food that we include in our diet. If you want to enhance blood flow in your body, you need to start food for blood campaign. Below is a list of foods that are high in blood rich nutrients.

  1. Raw seeds.

Raw seeds such as flax, hemp, pumpkin and chia are all packed with omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. They are also good anti-inflammatory sources of protein that is crucial in improving the quality of blood.

  1. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, lime and grapefruit are not only one of the best anti-inflammatory foods but also good for your blood. Despite being acidic, citrus fruits are good alkalizing and are phenomenal internal body cleanser. They are also easy to digest and are good option for those who are sensitive to higher fructose fruits. Despite being naturally sweet, they also contain vital nutrients and fiber that is good for your blood and heart.

  1. Celery

This food is rich in vitamin K and vital nutrients that are need for healthy blood clotting and blood flow. Doctors usually recommend celery for people who are nursing wounds. It also helps to flush out wastes from the blood.

  1. Cucumbers.

Cucumbers are much more like celery when it comes to getting rid of toxin in the body but in addition to that, they also provide potassium, fiber and vitamin C which enhances blood flow in the human body.

  1. Oats

Oats are actually one of the best foods known to help remove cholesterol from the body besides having good anti-inflammatory properties. They also provide energy that helps to power exercises and movements that you make to help improve blood circulation in your body.

In conclusion, food for blood is very important and should not be ignored when coming up with a diet. The above mentioned foods are rich in nutrients and can help make your blood more efficient.