Blood Diseases and Disorders

Many blood diseases involve a disorder and malfunctioning of the various blood cells. Some of these diseases can be treated while others such as genetic blood disorders like hemophilia can only be regulated or require blood transfusion instead. The blood diseases majorly result from the deficiency or abnormalities of the blood cell in the body.

The lifestyle of a person can also contribute to the blood disease although in a small percentage. Research shows that blood disorders usually revolves around malfunctioning of the red blood cells, blood vessels, platelets, bone marrow and the proteins that are involved in blood clotting. An experienced pediatric hematologist is required to treat these conditions. The following are major blood diseases.


laboratory test

This is a genetic blood disorder that makes the body to be unable to clot when one is injured. When the blood vessel is broken, it will pose a danger to the health of a patient because of the spontaneous bleeding. This disease is challenging to detect following a surgical procedure.

Hemophilia is a seriously dangerous defect because even with a minor injury, the victim will require medication or a blood transfusion to stop the bleeding. The problem with hemophilia is it does not have any symptoms until a wound occurs and the blood vessel is broken.

Von Willebrand Disease

This is a common blood disease that is inherited. It is similar to hemophilia in a way that it does not allow blood to clot easily when one is injured. People who have this disease are believed to have low proteins in the blood that helps in clotting. On the other hand, victims are prone to nose bleeding, bleeding from the gums, blood in the stools and excess bleeding when a wound occurs or after surgery.

This blood disease does not require treatment. However, if it should be treated, the doctor should include a range of various interventions depending on the severity of the disease. Medication can be through injection of clotting factor concentrates or medicine to increase the von Willebrand factor in the blood.


Anemia is a situation where an individual lacks enough number of red blood cells than the average quantity in the body. The red blood cell can reduce in number be due to excessive blood loss, blood cells destruction or deficient production of red blood cells. Victims undergo symptoms like fatigue, impaired concentration, and heart enlargement.

Anemia can be diagnosed easily unlike the inherited blood diseases like hemophilia. A complete blood count test should be done to give information about the cells in the blood. Blood transfusion can be a strategy to treat anemia even though this comes with own adverse outcomes.


stethoscopeLeukemia involves the increase of immature white blood cells in the body, and it can also result from DNA mutation that leads to deactivation of tumor suppressor genes.

This blood disease is in different forms, which include acute leukemia that usually attacks children and requires immediate treatment, chronic leukaemia, and myeloid leukemia.

Treatment for leukemia can be typically achieved through bone marrow transplant or multi-drug chemotherapy.


Tips For Training Call Center Agents

Nowadays, customer expectations continue to change. Recent surveys show that customers expect a lot more than just answers to their questions. They desire personal interaction with skilled agents and need their problems solved asap. Therefore, call centers should invest a lot of time, effort, and money into developing agent training programs.

This is necessary to ensure call centers are well-prepared to meet the ever increasing expectations of customers. This means that call center agent training is a must. Ensure you agents get training from experts so that they can meet needs of customers.


Guide them to improvementgirl on headphone

To create a continual progress for the agent’s performance, you need to offer guidance on various areas that need improvement. In this case, you can utilize several tools such as call recording or live call monitoring to get a good understanding of what agents are saying to the customers. Carry out quality assurance evaluations and offer the agents the feedback they require.

Moreover, you should coach your supervisors. A recent study showed that 80% of call center agents believed that their supervisors did not have required skills to teach them. Therefore, if you want an effective call center, there is a need to devote some time and coach your supervisors.

Link to key performance indicators

Ensure that the call center agent training targets your key performance indicators. This will help you to see the trends, which highlight opportunities for improvement and problems. You can use them as criteria to develop your training programs.

Turn agent’s training into actions

No matter tgirl on headphone graphiche energy and time you devote to creating a perfect training program, sometimes it can fall on deaf ears. Thus, you should ensure that all topics discussed during the training are converted into actions.

It is advisable to break the session into few vital activities. You should take your time to see how agents are applying their newly acquired knowledge.

Training consistency

The call center agent training program, which lacks consistency and structure can end up causing a lot of harm than good. Therefore, the training process should be defined before implementation. In fact, the majority of the supervisors surveyed are unable to outline objectives of their training program. You can achieve consistency by coming up with metrics and standards that translate into processes that can be implemented. In this way, all your call center agents will experience the same form of training and handle customers.


The symptoms of Hemophilia

stripe heart graphicThere are many symptoms that indicate that someone is suffering from hemophilia. Before you consider hemophilia treatment, it is important to verify that you are really suffering from this conditions. You need the help of a doctor to do this. Here are symptoms that indicate that you may be suffering from hemophilia;

Excessive bleeding

You may not notice that someone has hemophilia until they get injuries that lead to bleeding. Too much bleeding is an indication that you may be suffer from hemophilia. Children suffering mild hemophilia may not show any signs until they get into an accident or when the undergo a surgery.

Men who are suffering from hemophilia may bleed excessively after being circumcised. Bleeding can take place inside the body (internal bleeding) or outside the body (external bleeding). The signs of internal bleeding that you should be on the lookout for include;

  1. Blood in stool (this is an indication that you may be bleeding from the inside of yiur intestines)
  2. Blood in urine (this indicate that you may be bleeding in your kidney or bladder)
  3. Large bruises (this show that you may be bleeding into the large muscles in your body)

The signs of external bleeding include:

  1. Excessive bleeding in mouth from small cuts or bites
  2. Nose bleeding for no obviously reason.
  3. Bleeding for extended period of time.
  4. Heavy bleeding from cuts.

Bleeding in the brain

Bleeding in the brain is very serious. There are a lot of things that can lead to bleeding in the brain. When you are bleeding in the brain, you may suffer from long lasting painful headaches, sleepiness, repeated vomiting, weakness, arm and leg coordination problems, double vision, seizures etc.

Bleeding in the joints

people suffering from hemophilia may also bleed in knees, elbows and other joints in the body. Bleeding in the joints can start without an obvious injury. When you bleed in the joints, you will start having a feeling of tightness. However, you may not feel any pain and there will be no signs of bleeding. In the long run, the joint gets swollen and becomes very painful. Further bleeding in the joints will always results to a lot of pain. The swelling will continue to worsen as the bleeding continues. Eventually, you will not be able to move the joint temporarily. If bleeding in the joint is not treated as soon as possible, it may lead to the damage of the joint.


What You Need To Eat

heart graphicVarious studies have shown that most people don’t consider their blood when coming up with a diet. Most people are usually more concerned with their heart health and digestion but very few think about their blood.

Ironically though, blood is very important in the human body and can affect all aspect of your health in way that you would even imagine.

For instance do you know that steady blood flow is needed for healthy blood circulation, digestion, maintaining healthy body as well as in removing toxic waste out the body?

Blood flow

Blood flow is enhanced through all form of movements as well as food that we include in our diet. If you want to enhance blood flow in your body, you need to start food for blood campaign. Below is a list of foods that are high in blood rich nutrients.

  1. Raw seeds.

Raw seeds such as flax, hemp, pumpkin and chia are all packed with omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. They are also good anti-inflammatory sources of protein that is crucial in improving the quality of blood.

  1. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, lime and grapefruit are not only one of the best anti-inflammatory foods but also good for your blood. Despite being acidic, citrus fruits are good alkalizing and are phenomenal internal body cleanser. They are also easy to digest and are good option for those who are sensitive to higher fructose fruits. Despite being naturally sweet, they also contain vital nutrients and fiber that is good for your blood and heart.

  1. Celery

This food is rich in vitamin K and vital nutrients that are need for healthy blood clotting and blood flow. Doctors usually recommend celery for people who are nursing wounds. It also helps to flush out wastes from the blood.

  1. Cucumbers.

Cucumbers are much more like celery when it comes to getting rid of toxin in the body but in addition to that, they also provide potassium, fiber and vitamin C which enhances blood flow in the human body.

  1. Oats

Oats are actually one of the best foods known to help remove cholesterol from the body besides having good anti-inflammatory properties. They also provide energy that helps to power exercises and movements that you make to help improve blood circulation in your body.

In conclusion, food for blood is very important and should not be ignored when coming up with a diet. The above mentioned foods are rich in nutrients and can help make your blood more efficient.